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Surgical gut suture is an absorbable, sterile surgical suture composed of purified connective tissue (mostly collagen) derived from either the serosal layer of bovine or the submucosal fibrous layer of bovine intestines.


Surgical gut suture is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including use in ophthalmic procedures, but not for use in cardiovascular and neurological tissues.


1. Infection-surgical gut is absorbed more rapidly in infected tissue than in noninfected tissue.

2. Tissue sites-surgical gut will absorb more rapidly in tissue where increased levels of proteolytic enzymes are present, as in the secretions exhibited in the stomach,cervix and vagina.


This suture being absorbable, should not be used where extended approximation of tissue is required.  Do not resterilize.


Users should be familiar with surgical procedures and techniques involving gut suture before using for wound closure,as the risk of wound dehiscence may vary with site of application. This suture may be inappropriate in geriatric, malnourished, or debilitated patients, or in patients suffering from conditions which may delay wound healing.


As with all suture materials, care should be taken to avoid damaging the material during handling. The material should not be crushed or crimped by application of surgical instruments. Only the free end of the suture should be held with a needleholder of forceps during instrument ties.

VEDCO - 11/14/98.1