fecal-flotation-devicesmall.pngVet Designed & Patented Fecal Flotation Device

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Directions for Use:

Simple to use step by step instructions —

a. Fecal Flotation Device – Components: Snap Screen with Attached Spatula – Collection Jar – Jar Lid.

b. Client or technician collects stool specimen with spatula to put in jar. Approximately 2 to 3 gm of feces required for test. Tech fills jar half full with Flotation Media.

c. Mix fecal specimen and solution with stir stick until thoroughly mixed.

d. Place screen on top of jar. Press down slightly to lock screen in place. Add more flotation medium until convex meniscus is formed at top of screen cylinder.

e. Float a 22 mm cover slip or slide on the meniscus. Allow to stand for at least 15 minutes for ova to float through screen and adhere to cover slip. Lift cover slip with smooth motion and place on microscope slide. Examine under low power and look for ova.

f. When procedure is complete, place lid on top of screen, press down slightly to seal. Discard complete container.

Device Features:

1. Three actual components: lid, jar and flotation screen with attached spatula.

2. Flotation media will not spill onto counter if unit is over filled, due to unique reservoir system.

3. Attached spatula and screen that can be broken off and used to place samples into specimen jar.

4. Capped jar with spatula inside can be sent home with clients to return a stool sample.

5. Crack and Peel labels for specimen jar identification.

6. Very inexpensive to use.

7. Positive results with low cost.


Per Box
*100 Jars and Caps
*100 Screens with Attached Spatulas
*100 Crack and Peel Labels for Sample Identification
*100 Stir Sticks

VEDCO - 11/14/98.1